We are the winners of the IOM
EDF-i Program Award for 2020

The Redcode team participated in the EDF-i program organized annually by IOM.
Fortunately, our company was able to become one of the winners of the award in Iraq
by participating in the CloudCrest system.


Part of our mission is to improve all the services we provide to our partners and customers.


We can provide you with specific technology consulting to achieve your business goals.

Who are we?

We focus on bringing value and solving business challenges by delivering modern IT services and solutions

We strive to provide our services in the best possible way, and our customer satisfaction is the most important tool for us to continue to improve and serve more. And also, supporting our customers is our most important job.

Our Services

World-class solutions for your business

Cloud Services

Stay online with your customers and partners by using cloud services.

Ongoing support

Don't be afraid of disruption and interruption of your services, with us we will always be on the line to support your project with a successful team.

Data Protection

Your data is continuously backed up and protected through a network of cloud servers.


Through an advanced team, your entire project will be constantly improved to improve and develop your project.

Real Estate System

Get help from an online system, so you can easily monitor your real estate operations and do your work remotely.

Previously (Version 1.0)

Later (Version 4.1)

Real-estate Management System Features

You will receive new updates free of charge. Our first goal is to improve your business, so with us you will always be part of the users of the latest features and technology updates.

Need help?

Contact us, let our team help you choose your need.

Some of the real estate that has given confidence to our systems.

We don’t just offer you a system! We provide all the services you need to run your business.
With us we provide you with 24 hour support on weekdays.

Mobile Application

Create a modern application with an experienced team using the latest technology.

Different systems

Our applications can be used on many systems such as Android, IOS, MacOS, Windows.


Another feature of every app is the speed of the app features. With us your app will speed up to more than 60fps.

Ongoing support

In the event of any problems with your app, our teams will be on the line with you as soon as possible.

Easy to use

Gain your users' trust through ease of use is one of the most important features of your app.


It is our responsibility to protect the information and data of your app and your app users. It is our responsibility to protect your app from hacking.

Continued operation

Using Load Balancer and other technologies we keep your app online with 99.99% guarantee.

RedCode Security Research Center

The Governance Research Center is a division of Redcode, which relies on the Red Security brand. The main task of this department is to investigate the security of systems, applications, websites and networks of projects that do not have any security support to avoid any possibility of hacking or damage to their systems. After entrusting us, our team will test all important parts of your system. Provide regular reporting.

Tested projects
Fixed security vulnerabilities