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Management of lease contracts

You can easily manage your contracts in the real estate system with many important features. You will no longer need to use notebooks and pencils.

Management of purchase and sale contracts

Create your contract easily and draw it in three languages, and you can edit the terms and contract/invoice templates in the system settings.

Invoice Management

Get receipts in different triangles easily. Several types of receipts are available such as securities, liens, cash, and commissions.

Expneses Management

Organize your real estate expenses in two different transactions, dinars and dollars, and upload and archive receipts. Also print the receipt easily.

Fund Management

If you have separate branches or want to have multiple boxes to organize your coming and going actions, Redcode Real Estate Systems offers this feature.

User management

Your employees can use the system through their accounts. In this section you can easily provide comissions and salaries for all your users.

Branch Management

You can use all your branches in the same organized system, without having to buy different systems and different accounts, and you can filter all types of reports by branch.

Modification and adjustment of contract templates

You do not need to contact us to change or adjust your contract. You can change your contract template and clauses in three languages at any time.

Supply and demand management

You can organize your offers and orders through our system. Rental requests, purchase requests, rental offers and sales offers are currently available.

Define roles and permissions for users

Organize your employees' permissions by creating different roles. This allows you to tell your system what employees can do or see.

Automatic address and mobile number setting (for 4 branches or more)

Real estate agents with more than 4 branches do not need to prepare several documents when uploading the back cliche of the contract and receipt, we will do this for you dynamically.

Reminder of the time of rent arrival

When the rent is approaching, we will notify your real estate so you don't have to worry about organizing all the receipts and contracts every month, and you can prepare the receipt with one click.

Reminder of contract expiration

You will be notified 15 days in advance of the expiry date of each tenancy agreement. And this distance can be changed.


Several types of reports are available including employee commission reports, cost reports, commission reports, insurance reports, general income reports and many others.

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Strong Security

Constant updates

Previously (version 1.0).

Later (version 4.1).

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